Hello. I am Carly Graftaas, a holistic nutritionist dedicated to educating women on plant-based nutrition and their pregnancy. I am so happy you have visited my website today. My passion is to give women who eat a plant-based diet the confidence and knowledge to aid their body before, during, and after pregnancy, and to get you on the path to the happiness, health, and confidence that I know you deserve. I love to teach people about the benefits of eating more plants- spoiler alert: the benefits are never-ending.

If you find yourself scared about the idea of having a baby while being fully plant-based, I will show you that you can have both and be totally healthy at all stages. I offer great ideas for food and a lot of love. The food we eat and the thoughts we have about ourselves and the world shape our lives and also our health. You deserve to thrive!

I am passionate about food and life, and I want to bring that passion to all the women I can. Check out my Services page to see what I offer. If you have any questions or comments, please email me.


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