Spring may have technically come in March, but our weather did not get the memo. The sun is shining today after a few weeks of dreary, cloudy skies and a lot of snow. It is hard to think of spring when there is a fresh layer of the white stuff on the ground.

Today is sunny, and it feels so good on the skin. I can almost start thinking about planting a garden, putting the shovels away, and pulling out the push mower – almost!

For those of you in warmer climates, you may have already been out there planting your garden and preparing yourself for the summer. For me, this is just the beginning.

Spring has always made me feel extra hopeful and excited about life in general and the summer more specifically. Everything on earth wakes up again or begins a new life.

We humans are no different. The feelings of inner warmth and contemplation are switched out for energy, vibrancy, and a need for anything new. You may start to notice that you are really antsy to begin something – a new class, workout, or hobby. Keep reading to find out what you can do about it!

Our Connection To Spring

The earth is preparing to burst forth with new life, and we can subtly feel this energy. We are connected to the earth and all of the seasons, and as they change, so do we.

The months of inner work are ending and we are more open to creation and beginnings. It almost feels like we come out of hibernation, and there is a whole new world waiting for us.

The days get longer, and our energy naturally begins to increase. Our bodies long to burst out into the spring like the buds on a tree or the tulips popping out of the soil. Have I mentioned that I love this time of year?!

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Spring Time Foods

Spring brings with it a whole bunch of green. Seedlings begin to sprout, buds on trees open, and the grass begins to grow again. Taking a note from mother nature, this is a great time to increase your green food intake.

Greens are loaded with chlorophyll which has many health benefits – provides intestinal support, aids liver function, and are revitalizing and refreshing.

Chlorophyll contains magnesium, so greens are a good source of this relaxing mineral. Many people are deficient in magnesium and this can create health problems. Eating more greens is a great solution.

When you are first starting out, make sure to add greens into your diet slowly. They contain a lot of fiber, and it can really mess you up for a few days if you are not used to it.

Below is a list of greens that are easy to add into your diet.


These are easy and cheap to prepare at home making them a perfect addition no matter your budget. Almost any seed or bean will sprout. Check out this post to find out how to sprout.


Kale is pretty popular these days and that may be because it is rich in nutrients (great source of calcium) or because there are so many ways to prepare it – kale chips, massaged kale, steamed, thrown in some sautéed veggies or a smoothie.  It is easy to add kale to any meal.

You may find that you have issues digesting it. If this is the case, make sure all the kale you eat is cooked in some way. This makes it easier on your digestive tract.


A good source of iron, calcium, and magnesium. The key with spinach is that it contains a substance (oxalic acid) that can bind with calcium in the body. This decreases calcium absorption. The simple solution to that is to not always eat it raw – mix it up. Lightly steam spinach to reduce this problem.


The darker the green of your lettuce, the more nutritious it is, so walk past the iceberg lettuce and start to add in other kinds. Red leaf, green leaf, romaine, butter, arugula, etc. There are so many lettuces to try. They have a mild flavour and can be added to many dishes.


You can find these in powder form and can add to smoothies, energy bars/balls, homemade juices, and even a dish if you want to have a bit of a sea flavour. They contain high amounts of chlorophyll and are considered a complete protein (contains all essential amino acids).


These are a great addition to the diet for flavour, but they are also rich in nutrients. You can grow them in the house all year round, which makes them easy on the wallet as well.

Some Of The Many Others

Swiss chard; mustard, turnip, collard, dandelion, and beet greens; cabbage; microgreens. To read about some of these, check out this older post – 10 Nutrient-Dense Foods To Add To Your Diet. 
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Activities For The Spring

This is the time of year of newness, of creation and beginnings both for the earth and for us humans. This is a great time to start something new.

Spring Cleaning

There is a natural inkling we get in the spring to get rid of what’s old and bring in what’s new and beneficial to us. Spring cleaning is the term we use when we want to freshen up our houses. Clean out the old, stale, winter air and replace it with clean, fresh, spring air and energy.


This is also a perfect time to start working out, or if you already do, you may want to see how you can change it up. Start walking or jogging outside, begin a yoga practice, maybe go to that spin class you have heard so many good things about.

Exercise is like spring cleaning for your body. It helps with the elimination of waste products and lymph flow; it increases energy; and it allows you to push your body beyond what you thought it was capable. Exercise is great for mind, body, and spirit!


If you have always wanted to write a novel or your life story, spring is a great time to start. Go out and create what you have always wanted. Pull out the sewing machine, an embroidery project, colouring book, start fermenting, make your own coconut ice cream, plant a garden, tune up the bike, start taking more photos, build a duck from lego… The list is infinitely long. Creation is what we do.

Inner Work To Outer Change

During the winter you may have found yourself looking to your inner self for answers to problems or challenges. Now is the time to take action on what you have learned – whatever that may be.

It can be hard to start something new. The great thing about starting something in the spring is that we are already naturally looking for things to begin and create. We might as well use the natural energy and vibrancy that is a part of us in the spring!

Final Thoughts

Spring is pure magic! It feels like a wonderful reward for getting through the winter months. Take the time to figure out what changes you need to make to get you where you want to be, and then begin taking baby steps to actually get you there.

This is the time of bursting action and change, so go with the flow, and let it happen to you!

Yours in plant love,


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